Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Social Experience Design: one method, two tools, three tips, the lecture

Given how much I like teaching, last week for me was great: I had to speak at UX Conference 2011 in Lugano, and I got an invite to give a lecture at Digital Accademia near Venice the day before. The topic was one of my core subjects: Social Experience Design, tailored for the specificity of the… read full post

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The double pyramid of a successful social business

Any good social business is built on two carefully balanced pyramids, which mirror two different approaches that are required to coexist in a business that wants to thrive in a world where its customers are highly connected. The first pyramid is the business as it’s usually intended. It is built top-down, where decisions and strategies… read full post

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HMS Bebo

Via a link on the feed of Ewan McIntosh –  a social media specialist in the education sector – I came across this “profile” of a Royal Navy submariner on Bebo. I say “profile”, because it’s clearly been manufactured by a PR agency rather than being the work of the person featured – phrases… read full post

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Critical perspectives on Web 2.0

Deflating the hype bubble? Trebor Scholz and others outline critical perspectives on Web 2.0 in a special issue of First Monday

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RSA event on the social impact of the Web tomorrow

A lecture and discussion of the social impact of the web at the RSA with Conservative Shadow Chancellor George Osborne.

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Humanising the Enterprise through Ambient Social Knowledge

The solution to information overload is more information, combined with a looser, more intuitive approach to processing it. People make decisions by matching patterns based on a variety of inputs. Ambient knowledge may actually be more effective for decision making in companies than the codified mono-directional memo, email, and task assignment culture.

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Weaving a social web from organisational data

Corporate systems do a good job at storing data but a bad job of letting people make sense of it. Social software lets people aggregate and share information they need, creating a social interface onto corporate data and systems. Enterprise doesn’t have to mean clunky and expensive.

We will be sharing some recent case studies and ideas about ambient knowledge at ETECH in San Diego and the Blogs & Social Media Forum in London.

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Our Social World Conference

Our Social World Conference in Cambridge

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Locative social software

Today I’ll be mostly thinking about location-based media and communications, it appears

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The barbarians at the gates: blogs, social software & PR

Presentation from a talk to the UK Chartered Institute of PR Northern Conference

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