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Social networks and the connective tissue of a Big Society

‘Big Society’ coverage seems to be all about volunteering, but there is a key role for understanding social networks as part of the analysis of social problems and also in enabling distribute participation as part of potential solutions to them. Healthy social networks are the connective tissue of a Big Society

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Who best delivers politics? Broadcast, Broadsheet or Broadband?

Broadcast, broadsheet or broadband was the subject of last nights rather pedestrian Hansard Society annual debate and to cut straight to the chase everyone more or less agreed that “broadband” was the way forward. Though none of them presented a very sophisticated appreciation of the online world. I was also a little disappointed at the quality of the preparation, apart from Pete Picton (The Sun Online) no one seemed to have taken much time to put together a good argument, they just rocked up and complained randomly around the subject.

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Fallibilism and the open enterprise

Mark McElroy’s paper Understanding ‘The New Knowledge Management’ makes a case for KM helping to create the Open Enterprise (cf. Popper’s Open Society)

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Designing for Civil Society 2003 : papers and movies

Papers from the Designing for Civil Society Workshop at teh HCI2003 conference

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“Civic Hacking” as e-democracy tool?

“Civic Hacking” argues that e-democracy is not just about making it easier or more entertaining to interact with government, but finding new ways to boost civil society through peer-to-peer applications

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