Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Are we seeing a European social software boom?

Are we seeing the beginning of a social software boom in Europe? What would a European market for social software tools look like?

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Social Software for Social Entrepreneurs

Overview of the social software session at the Skoll World Forum and download of presentations

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pent up demand for social software events?

Thanks to Alistair for a good London blogging event. Where now for events in London?

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Social Software as a force multiplier for existing corporate systems

Adopting social software in the enterprise does mean throwing out other systems; in fact, it can bring them to life by layering on user-generated metadata to recombine existing data in new, more flexible ways

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What wiki are you?

Talk of wiki wars is silly at such an early stage of market development, but maybe a Harry Potter-style sorting hat can solve the problem?

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Blogs are not the only fruit

Blogs may have been a word of the year for 2004, but this piece argues that a wider variety of social software tools and group structures will start to gain widespread adoption in 2005, presenting both challenges and opportunities for those of us who are implementing social tools in an organisational context.

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BlogWalk 4: Social Software in Organisations – Inside the Firewall

BlogWalk 4 brought together a diverse group of London bloggers to talk about using social software in a business environment.

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Social Software and the Enabling Council

Anna Randle writes today in eGov Monitor about Social Software and the Enabling Council.

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Observations on internet use in China

what will Chinese social software look like in five years time when the Chinese PC industry becomes one of the biggest in the world

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Dust or Magic?

Dust of Magic conference will have a day devoted to social/sociable software – see you there I hope

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