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Bridging the physical barrier: QR Codes, NFC & AR

QR Codes, Semacodes and other similar technologies are a very tricky topic to address, they’re also subject to quite intense waves of hype that repeat themselves every few years. The hype in this case isn’t completely unfounded, because creating the connection between the physical and digital worlds is something everyone is aiming for, and something… read full post

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What’s in a tag?

What’s in a name? Are there times when we should avoid terms such as ‘tag’ in favour of more common terms such as ‘label’, or should we try to convert people to our way of talking?

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TQL : A Standard Syntax For Multi-Tag Queries

Alistair Davidson proposed a standardised syntax for multi-tag queries in Web 2.0 applications, as an essential step towards the Semantic Web.

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