Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Social Business Transformation in Legal and Professional Services

More and more legal and professional services firms are now focusing on social business ideas as a route to greater operational efficiency and closer client relationships. We have a mature practice in this area, and here is how we might help.

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Design strategy for the changing web

Co-authored with Davide Casali We create social tools and systems that work for users, so-called situated software that feels native to a particular context. Social software solutions informed by case studies and driven by a constant focus on the user experience. In a world of rapid technological advancement, we must acknowledge that our interaction with… read full post

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Ruby on Rails explained (in something approaching plain English)

There’s been no shortage of “magic bullet” technologies over the years, and one of the hottest things in web development at the moment is Ruby on Rails.   At Headshift we’re using Rails for an increasing number of projects, and we’re seeing more and more interest from clients in this technology.   Having said that, it’s not… read full post

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Belated Ada Lovelace Day post

Late as usual to the Ada Lovelace Party, here is my post about female technology heroes

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Boring technology can become socially interesting

Clay Shirky gave a great talk at the RSA yesterday about his book “Here comes Everybody”

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ETCON: roundup and impressions

The Emerging Technology Conference 2004 was a fascinating and thought-provoking event, and these are my general impressions

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Technology tail wagging the policy dog?

Updated: debate about the way technology leads policy – do we need to focus more on the social and legal aspects of technology-mediated behaviour?

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Designing for Civil Society 2003 : papers and movies

Papers from the Designing for Civil Society Workshop at teh HCI2003 conference

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Red Herring swims again

Red Herring is back – trees everywhere are nervous…

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The future of search?

Fast, smart, personalized to suit every user’s needs. And pretty. That’s what the search engine of the near future will be,” according to Wired News coverage of this year’s IW3C2 in Hungary.

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