Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Healthcare to rely on electronic delivery

Healthcare services will rely more and more on Digital TV, call centres and technology in general for delivery – let’s hope the user experience designers are up to the task

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An intro to personas

Personas are normally used during the design process to think about user needs, but they also have an ongoing role in content and network development

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Emotional Design

Chris Heathocte reviews Don Norman’s book on emotional design

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User Experience Design books from 2003

UXD books from 2003

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Designing Customer-centric organisations

Can user experience progfessionals play a bigger role in organisational design for customer centricity?

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Intro to the use of Personas in user experience design

guide to using personas to provide a clear target for UX design, especially for information-rich sites

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Where now for User Experience practitioners

What does it mean to be user-centred and how can practitioners push these ideas more effectively?

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In favour of personae and scenarios

Fabio Sergio on ‘tools for tales’ to support the design process

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DUX presentations and notes

Notes from the 2003 DUX conference

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Empathy in user experience design (including clients!)

empathy for the devil: loving clients as well as users

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