Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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RSA event on the social impact of the Web tomorrow

A lecture and discussion of the social impact of the web at the RSA with Conservative Shadow Chancellor George Osborne.

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Back From The Future of Web Apps

Yesterday’s summit on “The Future Of Web Apps” was a thoroughly thought-provoking day

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TQL : A Standard Syntax For Multi-Tag Queries

Alistair Davidson proposed a standardised syntax for multi-tag queries in Web 2.0 applications, as an essential step towards the Semantic Web.

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Web 2.0 funding: VCs sniffing AJAX in the deal room

The Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco seems to have kicked off a feeding frenzy among investors. The money’s back, but the real adoption battle will take longer than the attention span of a bubble investor.

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WANTED: Web designer/builder

Headshift are looking for a talented web designer/builder who is excited by elegant, accessible interface design and committed to the development of the next generation of social software applications

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Web Informant on Social Networking

Ann Light from usability news points us to a piece by Web Informant: Web Informant #380 suggests that “Social networking may be the next social disease”. David Strom brings his personal take to the phenomenon of social networking and says a few thought-provoking things on the way. Some people will find his personal ramblings more… read full post

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Some papers on the Educational Semantic Web

paper on the semantic web in education

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2003: year of Apache?

On Kuroshin, John Chamberlain writes about Netcraft’s server statistics for 2003, which seem to show that the open source Apache Web server is gaining significant ground against Microsoft’s IIS, which is bundled with its server software “Since October 2002 market share has grown from 53% to 64%, a 20% gain while Microsoft IIS, its nearest… read full post

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UK Corporate Web sites slowly improving

limited improvement in UK corporate sites, but a hard core of appalling examples remain

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Two gurus vs the Semantic Web

Matt Jones links to Lou Rosenfeld echoing Clay Shirky’s opposition to the Semantic Web

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