Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Looking back at the Confluence User Group in London

Last week Headshift and Adaptivist hosted this year’s first Confluence User Group. The organisations attending were as varied as the topics discussed. There was a lot of interest around the strategic use of Confluence (especially along enterprise legacy systems), user adoption, community management but also more technical topics like clustering, plugin development and others. Most… read full post

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New Confluence version released

While I was away catching some sunshine in LA, our friends at Atlassian have released a new version of their ever so popular enterprise wiki Confluence. Whether I had to write an RFP, share my business targets with colleagues, update the status of a project or do some other fancy content editing, I always preferred… read full post

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Confluence wiki and JIRA users: join us at the Atlassian London meetup

Headshift and Atlassian have teamed up to organise the first UK Confluence and JIRA user group meeting in London on December 12. We will be sharing stories about how companies are using Confluence wikis for collaboration and knowledge sharing and hearing about some exciting new products. Also, find out how companies are finding new uses for the JIRA issue management system, such as Linden Labs’ pioneering application to let employees share ideas about the development of Second Life.

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Involve are a new body llookiing at new forms of public participation. We work with them to translate these ideas into online social software systems

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Gettin’ Wiki With It

One of our more massively complex systems is about to get a major upgrade

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Opening up our pattern Library

Headshift pattern library

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Socialtext raise series B finance to scale their social software tool

congratulations to socialtext on their funding

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What wiki are you?

Talk of wiki wars is silly at such an early stage of market development, but maybe a Harry Potter-style sorting hat can solve the problem?

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Blogs are not the only fruit

Blogs may have been a word of the year for 2004, but this piece argues that a wider variety of social software tools and group structures will start to gain widespread adoption in 2005, presenting both challenges and opportunities for those of us who are implementing social tools in an organisational context.

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StikiWiki: true on-page editing interface

Stikiwiki feels like wiki spirit

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