Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations

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Dachis Group London is No More

This is a post from the future to wrap up the Headshift story. Dachis Group, and therefore Dachis Group London, no longer exists. We learned some valuable lessons that we hope to take forward into the future.

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Online social recruitment for experienced hires

Using social channels such as Facebook and Twitter for graduate recruitment has become the norm in a crowded marketplace for talent, but few organisations have been able to “crack” how to use social recruitment for more experienced hires. For these kinds of senior appointments, with the possible exception of hi-tech companies where potential candidates of… read full post

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We are Dachis Group London :)

Headshift is changing its name to Dachis Group London as we complete our integration with the global firm. This will bring new opportunities for our clients and partners.

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Sharing the Social Business cake

Some of you may have received some slices of our cake via some kind of paper-based medium (imagine!), but we wanted to share the whole thing with you to say thank you for helping us take social business mainstream in 2011: We have big plans for expanding Dachis Group’s European operations in 2012, and you… read full post

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Social Business Transformation in Legal and Professional Services

More and more legal and professional services firms are now focusing on social business ideas as a route to greater operational efficiency and closer client relationships. We have a mature practice in this area, and here is how we might help.

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Social Experience Design: one method, two tools, three tips, the lecture

Given how much I like teaching, last week for me was great: I had to speak at UX Conference 2011 in Lugano, and I got an invite to give a lecture at Digital Accademia near Venice the day before. The topic was one of my core subjects: Social Experience Design, tailored for the specificity of the… read full post

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Social Workplace Conference 2011 – London We’re quite excited about next week Tuesday’s Social Workplace Conference (#SWCONF) here in London. Lee Bryant will share some thoughts on “Humanising Social Technologies & Enterprise 2.0 Platforms”. He will talk about how Social Technologies & Enterprise 2.0 Platforms can continue to enhance people-to-people conversations and ensure ‘human’ collaboration is greatly enabled. Lee is… read full post

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Defining Social Business Design

On Tuesday morning I presented at the Get Social Roadshow in Cardiff under the title of “Social Business Design in Business Today”.  The bulk of the conversation was around examples and case studies of good social business design.  Starbucks, RedBull and RPC all featured. Before we went into the examples I wanted to get across what we… read full post

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Can IBM Connections provide the missing social layer for Sharepoint intranets?

Sharepoint dominates the corporate intranet platform market, but still lags on social features. Could SharePoint + IBM Connections provide a short-cut to a social intranet?

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Social Business Meetup in Zurich – October 5

Do you work in Zurich or surroundings? Are you involved in Social Media or Enterprise 2.0 initiatives at your organisation? Do you think a social business is indeed different from a traditional business using social media tools? Do you have time on October 5? If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above… read full post

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Post*Shift: the Prequel

A decade of learning how, when and with whom social technology can be implemented inside organisations to humanise and improve their operations left behind an interesting trail of blog posts, experiences and case studies, so it seemed like a good idea to maintain this web archive. Headshift was founded in 2002, sold in 2009, and the right to its name and content was then re-acquired by its founders in 2014 as they were setting up their new venture, Post*Shift. If you enjoy reading this archive, please head over to the Post*Shift site to find out how we are building on the first phase of social business technology to create new structures, culture and operations in large organisations as part of our vision for Twenty-First Century Business.