We were lucky enough to be involved in some great projects, and maintain this archive to share some of the examples and lessons from the first phase of social business implementation work

Employee Engagement Platform for Global Insurance Company

Headshift helped a large global insurance company develop a pilot employee engagement platform that lets users contribute stories in the form of text, video and photos as well as rate, comment on and discuss other users’ content. The company is looking for stories that show how they are making a difference to their customers.

A global insurance company wanted a way for their employees to engage with and internally contribute to their external marketing campaign. As part of this strategy the insurance company aim to respond to customer needs with tangible proofs of making a difference and establish better and more trusted relationships with their customers. By engaging employees directly the objective is to get relevant case studies and stories that support the company’s efforts.

Headshift developed an employee engagement platform focused on user-generated content in the form of text, video and photos. Employees are encouraged to contribute their stories about how they are making a difference to their customers in their work. With short videos, Twitter-style messages and/or photos they can tell their stories on the site and get comments and discuss ideas with their colleagues.

We designed the pilot platform around user contributions and interaction in order to encourage participation and engagement from the start. Sharing ideas and stories and getting feedback from your colleagues is an engaging experience. New connections  are often created between users that may not have known each other or worked together before. User profiles are used to link content and actions to people and users can choose to ‘follow’ other users and their activity.

The site enables a range of contributions from video to very simple text message input or simply indicating that you like a story. The process of creating videos is quite demanding in terms of user engagement and therefore not expected to be added at the same rate as comments, text messages or ratings. But easy one-click actions of ‘liking’ or just writing a quick comment also prompt interest and engagement.

All social action is highlighted in the activity streams on the site and alerts users to new content or popular topics. Through tagging and using tag clouds for navigation, key interest areas and content can also emerge dynamically.

While the most popular content is automatically pushed forward on the site, specific videos can also be editorially featured on the homepage, creating a balance of editorial and user-generated content. Content themes are created and managed by the editorial team, allowing them to curate content and to a certain extent steer the direction of the stories and discussions, if desired.

Adoption of the new platform by employees is driven by the company’s internal communications team who has worked closely with a group of pilot users leading up to the initial roll-out. Establishing a group of champions and involving them in the ideas and design development was a great way of engaging users and making sure the project is moving in the right direction before the actual launch. Engaged project champions will ensure content and activity on the site from the kick-off, making it an engaging experience for new joiners as well.