We were lucky enough to be involved in some great projects, and maintain this archive to share some of the examples and lessons from the first phase of social business implementation work

Knowledge System Development for Multinational Oil & Gas Firm

Over a number of years, Headshift played a strategic role in the development of four key knowledge systems used extensibly across this global multinational oil and gas research consultancy.

These knowledge systems had all been in place for over ten years, and had slowly evolved to fit the niche needs of the business. So although there was acknowledgement of the need to update the interaction layer of these systems, some of the ways of working were embedded and integrated into workflows.

Throughout our engagements with the organisation, we used a standard technique when creating new experiences within their existing knowledge systems – always a lean, user-centred experience design methodology, making the maximum use of agile working methodologies and high levels of interaction with stakeholders and users, leading to a sketching and wire framing output, made into interactive wireframes to better user test prior to the in-house build team becoming involved.

A number of key challenges were addressed through each project in which we were engaged:

  • creating discussions around knowledge items that are easy to surface via global search;
  • joining the frontline problem management solution with communities of practice who can provide solutions;
  • creating a single, overarching profile linked clearly to the global career ladders; and,
  • the need for a single integrated roadmap for all knowledge systems.

Over the 5-year strategic partnership, we also undertook a number of niche projects:

  • design of a unifying masthead, to be present in all core systems for a single, truly global navigation experience;
  • workshops & coaching in agile methodologies during the on boarding and upskilling of an offshore partner for development;
  • facilitated annual strategy session for the global knowledge function;
  • design and build of collaboration templates for SharePoint 2010;
  • user research for the global intranet;
  • user research and information architecture for a repository and search mechanism for research projects, bringing together for the first time, research outputs, raw and analysed data, project data and archival information.