We were lucky enough to be involved in some great projects, and maintain this archive to share some of the examples and lessons from the first phase of social business implementation work


Case Studies with a Marketing & PR theme

Metro Newspapers

Our client Metro is a global free newspaper group with a presence in multiple cities and countries around the world. Headshift helped Metro implement their new website in France – a pilot project that aims to include an extensive amount of user generated content in order to develop reader loyalty and participation. A network of… read full post

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BBC Every Square Mile

Every square mile is a BBC initiative designed to preserve the natural history of an area by collecting stories from local people and plotting them on a map of the area. Creating a ‘People’s History’ Headshift worked with BBC to create a prototype for the Every Square Mile project. The project centred on a pilot… read full post

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BBC Bubbles

BBC Bubbles is a place for kids to store and share their favourite stuff online – links, blogs, photos, videos, MP3s – and find other things they like. The interface was built by Headshift in collaboration with the BBC as part of their Online Prototypes initiative. Innovating for the web-natives Building online tools for children… read full post

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BP Beacon Awards

The Beacon Awards recognise excellence in marketing within BP. Headshift built the online home for the awards: an internal wiki platform where all entries and ideas for good BP marketing were organised, and where BP marketing employees worldwide could vote for and discuss their favourites. How to promote and award innovation? For a company like… read full post

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